Advice From JetSet, A Crypto Bro That Has Sold $10M In NFTs

According to a recent research, forty one percent of NFT companies are based mostly in the United States., a news media company with over 40 team members, co-based by JetSetFly and the creators of The Junior Punks, Joey Sendz & TheBlondeJon, is without doubt one of the fastest rising of them.

JetSetFly or now known better as JetSet AKA Josh King Madrid, the founder of, is one in every of Gen Z’s most modern, respected, and influential marketers and entrepreneurs. In less than a decade, the 24-year-old has generated hundreds of 1000’s of leads and sold over $20 million in products and services online.

In January 2022, he launched, having first turn out to be involved with non-fungible tokens after being hired as a neuro-marketing consultant for three separate NFT manufacturers, the place he generated a total of $10 million in NFT launch sales within forty five days of being introduced to the idea of NFTs.

Shortly after, JetSet decided to start investing in and trading NFTs and cryptocurrency as a side hustle. It wasn’t long earlier than he realized that this side hustle required more ‘hustle’ than his main hustle! With the rate at which the NFT space was evolving, he struggled to keep up with all of the latest updates about NFTs that had been being posted on-line and mentioned on Twitter, Instagram, Discord, TikTok, and all the different various news outlets. When the “alpha” (a term for helpful information about NFTs that most people are unaware of) lastly acquired to him, it was always too late.

The opportunity had already passed.

JetSet discovered that, despite the existence of tens of 1000’s of NFT projects and millions of NFT owners, there was no reputable NFT news media or networking communities. Indeed, most of the biggest NFT media pages at the time had been accepting paid promotion and then passing it off as “legitimate news,” when in reality, this could not be farther from the truth! JetSet knew that unless and until this modified, the NFT area would perish within the lengthy run. NFT news should be reliable, accurate, up to date, and straightforward to understand.

JetSet acknowledged the facility and importance of trustworthy, accurate, and reliable news in the cryptocurrency house after being inspired by the success stories of brands resembling Morning Brew, Bitcoin Magazine, CoinTelegraph, and CoinDesk. He became decided to ascertain a central hub for NFT lovers to obtain trustworthy reliable news, NFT education, and real-time market alerts, as well because the ability to share concepts and opinions with their NFT peers.

JetSetFly, the founder of, gives three strategies for selling an NFT collection. He claims that there are a couple of key things that leaders can do proper now.

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