Advantages of owning poultry

If you’re thinking of starting a new business and can’t think of new options then I think you should consider the poultry business. Many people without knowing land up assuming that poultry farming is difficult or does not after many advantages but in reality it is much different. The demand for Hereford cow and broilers in the United States is unimaginable. Demand always exceeds need. So, if you decide to enter this business, you can make a profit. Poultry farming is highly profitable as it provides a good return on your investment of money, time, energy, and effort. Some of the advantages of raising poultry:

  • It requires minimal capital investment. The required investment capital is only about 10,000 rupees and can raise about 100 chickens. This means that even small farmers and small farmers can start farming.
  • Chickens usually start laying eggs at 8-10 weeks of age, but broilers can be sold at 6 weeks of age and weigh 1.25 kg.
  •  The gaps are very small so yielding can increase significantly in a short period of time. Broiler feed consumption is comparatively very low, but they produce the largest amount of feed.
  • Poultry has the ability to utilize large amounts of by-products such as bran and coarse grains to feed animals, saving costs for poultry owners.
  • Poultry production is a stable source of income. You can generate revenue year-round instead of seasonally. Chickens lay eggs in 6-8 months, while broilers can generate income in 6-10 weeks. Chicken and broiler meat, eggs, feathers, and manure all go to the market and generate income.
  • Small-scale poultry production requires very little space and you can start the business from your house’s backyard. Poultry production requires very little water too for example one liter of water is enough for five birds a day.
  • Chicken manure is rich in nitrogen and organic matter and is considered a valuable fertilizer. Bird feathers are also used to make many other products like pillows, new furniture, and jewelry.
  • Poultry offers farmers good opportunities for full-time or part-time employment.

 Poultry owners commonly offer products such as article broiler chicken for sale and Hereford cow for sale due to their high demand for their nutritional value and good taste. Among all edible meats, chicken has the lowest fat content. It can also be cooked in its own fat and does not require anything from the outside. Poultry meat contains more protein and essential amino acids than other types of meat and is relatively low in cholesterol. Therefore, you can see there are many benefits that poultry business can offer without much investment capital. Also, if you have a backyard in your home, or if you can afford to have poultry you can start a poultry farm by renting space at a very low cost near home or close to town.

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