A Short Guide to Parking at Miami International Airport

Miami International Airport is one of the busiest airports in the world and serves as an international hub connecting the United States with mainly Latin America and the Caribbean. You should know how to get to this place and where to park 12-passenger van rentals in Miami before departure. You can choose from two options:

  • The first one is Flamingo Garage. It is located in the South Terminal Lobby E-J. This place to park is perfect if you are flying with American Airlines, Qatar Airways, British Airways, and JetBlue. 
  • The second one is the Dolphin (North) Garage. It is located in the North Terminal Lobby D and E. If your car is longer than 2 meters, park your car in the oversized lot near the Dolphin lot.

These garages are suitable only for vehicles, which are not higher than 7 ft. For higher cars, you should use the “High-Vehicle” surface lot parking area on the East side of the Dolphin Garage.

Valet parking at Miami Airport

You can easily get to Miami Airport long-term parking from the North, South, and Central Terminals. With the Valet service, you don’t have to worry about where to park your car. Its services are available at North Terminal Lobby D, Level 2, and South Terminal Lobby H, Level 2. All vehicles parked with Valet have a maximum stay of 20 days.

Where is the Uber parking area at Miami Airport?

Ordering an Uber may be the fastest and cheapest way to get to your destination. You can find the UBER spot at:

  • The city. The UBER parking Miami International Airport location is on the northwest corner of McLaughlin Road and 20th Street NW.
  • The airport. Each gate provides access to the lower arrival or departure levels. 

Miami Airport parking rates

There are many garage options, including long-term and short-term parking. The Parking Management System supports travelers in finding free long-term parking Miami Airport spaces. Green traffic lights show available places. Red traffic lights show unavailable places. In addition, the digital display allows people to find out the availability of garage spaces in real time.

How much is short-term parking at MIA Airport?

You can choose a short-term garage if you need to pick up and drop off someone. Hourly parking is available in the South and North garages near the access to the indoor terminal. If you stay more than several hours, you should opt for a long-term garage. So, plan your activities accordingly.

Parking costs $17 per day. Fees start at $2 per 60 minutes and increase by $2 every 20 minutes. After 2.40 hours, the maximum dues will be applied.

Valet Miami Airport parking rate will cost you $18.00 for up to three hours and $30.00 for 3-24 hours. The daily limit is $30.

How much is long-term parking at Miami Airport?

If you want to park your car overnight or longer in the garage, it is recommended to park in the long-term lot. There are two of them: Terminal parking and Valet parking.

A long-term garage costs $17 per day. It is available for 45 days. The car will be removed after 45 days at the owner’s expense.

Valet is also one of the best airport parking MIA options. The daily limit is $30. It is available for up to 20 days.

How much is weekly parking at Miami International Airport?

North and South garages cost $119. Valet parking – $210.

Free parking at Miami Airport

There is a wide choice of long and short garages for passengers. Whether you’re looking for discounts or free parking, it’s easy to find what you need. 

  1. You can use the Cell Phone Waiting Parking Lot. You can get there from LeJeune Road. Please note that the number of parking spaces is limited, and reservations are accepted online. It is excellent for those who pick up and drop off passengers. 
  2. Fees for parking in Miami Airport are canceled for cars with special equipment or a “DV” license plate. Also, cars with a disabled parking permit or ADA sign can park in free spaces on all garages’ 3rd and 1st floors. It is free for 2 hours for cars with a Florida Toll Waiver Permit.
  3. It is free for all veterans with disabilities (Florida Disabled Veterans License plate holders). Veterans with issued license plates must be in the vehicle. 

MIA Airport parking payment options

Use the following methods to pay:

  1. Pay with credit cards. Entering your credit card at the entrance to the parking lot,  you can use the same card when leaving it. Parking fees will be debited from your card. For this option, a parking ticket isn’t needed.
  2. Pay for MIA Airport parking rates in cash. The service is only available at selected Quick Pay self-service points. Now travelers can bring their parking ticket with them when parking and pay at the QuickPay station when returning to the garage. Pay with major credit and debit cards, cash, Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, and Google Wallet.

Cash payments are not accepted at the garage exit.

MIA QuickPay points allow you to pay in advance. After you park a car, you will receive a ticket and pay at the exit at the self-service station. Passengers arriving at the airport’s exit lane can insert their prepaid ticket into the reader and be allowed to exit in a matter of seconds.

Miami International Airport parking for electric vehicles

Miami airport cheap parking spaces for electric vehicles are available around the clock. You can find them between terminals E and G at the Arrivals Lobby Level 1. Valet garages are located in the Dolphin and Flamingo lots at the Departures Lobby Level 2.

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