A Historic Union: Giants Gaming Acquires x6tence

The company that manages Vodafone Giants buys x6tence and will manage two of the most influential and historic clubs in the Spanish esports industry.

Giants Gaming SL, the company that manages Vodafone Giants, has just made official the acquisition of another of the most prestigious and veteran clubs in the Spanish electronic sports industry, x6tence.

Founded in 2004, the company from Alicante will not disappear as a brand , but will be integrated into an even larger company strategy.

This union means that two of the teams with the most history and weight in the sector come together to become the main reference in Spain and aspire to be one of the benchmarks at European level thanks to the experience of Giants in titles such as League of Legends and that of x6tence in Counter Strike .

José Ramón Díaz, president of the company, insisted in Esportmaniacos that it is not a question of an absorption to use , but that both teams will coexist under the same direction, but focusing on those disciplines where they are historically strong and developing as independent brands and with the strategy that they had been attacking. For example, Diaz has confirmed that next year Vodafone Giants won’t have any CS:GO roster and x6tence no longer has one in League of Legends . “The move gives us the opportunity to grow and do things that just as Giants we couldn’t,” he explains.

The goal is for both to coexist under the same conglomerate, but to develop individually. This was precisely the main fear of x6tence supporters, who feared that their team would dissolve and become a subsidiary of Vodafone Giants, something that Díaz quickly denied. “They are two brands powerful enough to have to unify them, they are independent. It would not make sense. One of the best things about x6tence is its fans and community,” he specified.

long negotiations

The first to suggest the idea was Adrián Gómez, one of the former owners of x6tence and who will now become part of the Giants Gaming management team. “It is something that we have always talked about , it has not come out of nowhere. There were a series of conditions that were necessary for the operation to be viable” , he recounted in the online press conference organised by Esportmaniacos.

Gómez wanted to insist that it is not an annexation as such , and that both clubs had to give in for the agreement to satisfy all parties. Even so, x6tence’s properties in Elche, the city where its command centre was located and also the Mothership in which the League of Legends club competed , will not belong to Giants Gaming, which is currently in the process of building a facility quite ambitious in which the former employees of the aliens will also work.

The president of Giants wanted to emphasise that the movement is aimed at consolidating the strategy of globalising the brand and not focusing only on the national market and consumer. “Perhaps we are open to incorporating other games that can position us internationally in ways that we are not currently positioned,” he details.

Adrián Gómez continued along the same lines, insisting that they can do things together that they cannot do separately, ruling out that the union is due more to economic issues than to brand expansion. “The right situation has arisen to undertake this operation, the more time passed, the more complicated it was going to be,” he expanded.

The templates, the issue to be resolved

There are titles in which both sets add up to four templates , as is the case with CS:GO . This is somewhat problematic as there are competitions that restrict the participation of clubs that are part of the same conglomerate. This is precisely what has happened with the Superliga Orange : x6tence left his place, which was immediately acquired by Cream Real Betis Esports. For the time being, one of those who fall are the Argentines from the first team of x6tence because they have not achieved “the objectives set.”

“ It is the most complex point ”, Díaz contemplated, who recalled the examples of Astralis, Virtus.pro and Fnatic to explain that they hope to have a cushion of time to be able to resolve these issues. “By the end of the year we will regularise everything,” he said. What they are really clear about is that there will be a single brand for the Valve shooter , and that will be, without a doubt, x6tence, with much more experience and experience than Giants.

Antonio Rivas ‘Flipin’, a historical CS:GO player who until a few days ago owned 10% of the alien team , will continue to work for the brand as an ambassador, so that his connection with the team that belonged to him will continue to exist.

The union of both teams is a turning point in the electronic sports industry in Spain. First, because it means that there is already a consolidated leader and second, because stronger agents will help consolidate the sector. Also, who knows if they have opened a box that many others may get their hands on in the future…

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