A Brief on the proper use, maintenance, and service of price guns

Spending money on unwanted products, especially replacing an almost new product, seems the worst. Therefore, taking care from the primary stage is the best strategy to say goodbye to such unwanted expenses. When it comes to a pricing gun, you must take great care of it to avoid early damage or other issues with the product. 

If you want to know about expert cleaning and maintenance tips, let’s begin with this guide and explore the proper use, maintenance, and service of pricing guns

Pro using and maintenance tips to ensure a long life of your price gun 

Price guns, being so delicate and roughly used, need a proper maintenance routine to provide great performance for a long time. Let’s look at some pro-using and maintenance tips to ensure the long life of your price gun. 

  1. Handle the gun with proper care

We understand that taking proper care of a price gun during rush hour may seem too much for you. However, it is the least you can do to take care of the gun. Hence, each time you use the price gun, make sure to set it aside by simply placing it down instead of tossing it. But, if you keep tossing the gun, the knobs, dials, and other parts of the gun may break due to the excessive force. 

  1. Be gentle, not too harsh 

Each time you use the price gun, make sure you check the pressure of your grip to give the gun a long life. If you press or squeeze the gun and treat it harshly with it, it may break or damage since the parts are usually delicate. So, instead of doing so, check your grip and allow different parts of the gun to move while using it. 

  1. Do not use the gun forcibly if jammed 

In case there is a label inside or outside of the price gun, you need to take immediate care of it. Otherwise, the label may create a jam inside the gun. However, if you still do not clean the mess and force your gun to perform, it may negatively impact you. Additionally, the delicate parts may break into pieces. So, as soon as you face a jam in the price gun, make sure to contact someone who knows how to handle the situation. Learn it from the person so that you can fix the issue the next time. 

  1. Apply the labels on a clean and dry surface 

In case the surface is not dry or clean enough, the labels will never stick to them, no matter how much you try. Hence, before pressurising the price gun to stick the labels, check the surface’s condition. If there is any dirt or moisture, clean them in the first place. After that, press the gun gently to stick the labels. 

Do not forget to maintain the price of a gun in the right way: 

  1. Clean frequently 

Cleaning the price gun as frequently as cleaning other essential products is important. In this way, no dirt or label will stick to the gun, and it will work the same way for a long time. However, if you do not take care of these things, a label may stick inside or outside the gun and hamper its performance. So, clean the gun as soon as you see any label inside or outside. If you do not take any step at that point, it will get jammed, and working with it in the future will be difficult. 

  1. Store in a cool and dry place 

Always store the price gun at the perfect temperature since the ink rollers, pricing bands, and labels may dry out due to many reasons. Also, make sure to avoid direct sunlight and dehumidified areas, like beaches, seafront, etc. Always keep the guns inside a Ziploc bag

  1. Replace the ink rollers timely 

Generally, you can work with an ink roller for at least three months and 10,000 impressions. After that, although there is some ink left or the impressions have not reached the 10,000 mark, there is no way you should use the same roller. If you do not change the same roller, you may face various issues, such as dry ink roller, microscopic holes, and more. So, replace the rollers frequently to avoid such unpleasant issues. 


No matter how busy you are or the situation, you cannot skip these easy maintenance steps and useful tips while working with a price gun. If you take care of the gun by maintaining these few simple steps, the gun will surely give you durability, great results, and several benefits. So, start taking care of your price gun by adhering to the above-mentioned tips from today before it’s too late.

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