9 Best Instagram Marketing Tips to Grow Your Brand in 2022

Writing creative and engaging Instagram captions that supplement your content can help improve visibility. You can use Instagram captions to direct your audience to your website or a blog post, or even enter a contest. If you choose to turn on Instagram Shopping on your profile, you can also place a call-to-action button that sends followers to your in-app store. After setting up your account you’ll want to add an Instagram bio and contact details, which we’ll cover in the following section. Get expert social media advice delivered straight to your inbox. Easily create, analyze, and schedule Instagram posts, Stories, and Reels with Hootsuite.

This up-and-coming method of attracting new customers is serving big businesses around the world. Consistent posting breeds credibility, but not if you’re uploading poor quality images. Invest in a high quality camera or hire a professional photographer to capture your product photos. Online shopping is convenient for both the buyer and seller. However, Instagram lacks a physical element, so you need to make sure your photo game is on point if you want to turn everyday social media window shoppers into customers.

We’re all about building connections and making life as easy as possible for our customers when it comes to texting. Short-format videos deployed via TikTok’s algorithm, which prioritizes content over creators, has catalyzed a new, more-authentic era in the influencer economy. A lower barrier of entry also means more people are in the game—and data-driven engagement metrics show that audiences and consumers prefer real and gritty over preened and pristine.

It gave about a hundred influencers its new No.1 pencil eyeliner and encouraged them to create Shorts videos with the hashtag #WrittenInGlossier in the caption. Users who tapped the hashtag were brought to the Glossier website, where they could buy the eyeliner and were asked to recreate a look as part of the challenge. In all its forms, content can drive leads to your sales team.

Make sure to check out your account settings and profile insights. It creates time-lapse videos that are smooth and have built-in stabilization. Download the app and grant it access to your camera to make your Hyperlapse videos.

Instagram Reels became popular quite fast not only among people but also businesses. Read more about buy instagram followers cheap here. Instagram Reels most probably won’t drive your sales right away. However, they are a great way to engage your audience and as a result, increase awareness and loyalty, and build your brand. Social media is all about people, so post Reels that feature people behind your business and what their day-to-day life is like. Such type of content will show followers the human side of your business and thus will build an emotional connection with your brand.

Positive reviews are great, but many of your customers will also likely reach out via social media when they’ve had unsatisfactory experiences with your products or services. The solution is to be ready to engage with them and find fixes for their issues in a timely manner. Give opportunities for feedback, resolve any concerns they have and encourage them to share their thoughts with their network. It actually works and the effects are visible on social media too. Publish content that’s short and entertaining or informative and you can be sure you’ll get some social media engagement. Over time, you’ll have some content (whether it’s text posts, photos, infographics etc.) that’ll go viral and bring tons of traffic to your website.

You can also use third-party photo and video editing apps to achieve the effect you want on all your photos. It makes it possible for you to create and post Instagram ads without using Facebook advertising tools. Also, it opens up a world of free tools, such as Instagram analytics tools, which offer stats about the impressions each of your posts get. The scrolling feature is easy to navigate, and videos and photos have proven more easily digestible by consumers.

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