8 Tips On How To Get A Medical Card In West Virginia

West Virginia is among the US states that have shown the green flag to the legal use of medical cannabis. The passage of senate bill 386 has permitted the use of weed for health concerns. However, The Mountain State has become greener over the past few years. But still, you need to obey all the rules and regulations to attain cannabis. Therefore, knowing how to get a medical card in West Virginia is the key to using it legally. In WV, the first medical marijuana dispensary opened in Morgantown in 2021. The state has plans to expand the network by inaugurating multiple locations for the conveyance of patients. So, let’s know the tips that will help you to prepare for the WV medical marijuana card.

Here are the 8 Tips For Getting A Medical Card In West Virginia :

Know The Conditions

Well, the beginning phase on how to get a medical marijuanas card in WV is to know the approved conditions. Certain medical conditions are qualified for the use of medical cannabis. Some of them are PTSD, cancer, glaucoma, HIV, severe pain, and anemia. Thus, if you are suffering from a qualifying medical condition, you can apply for a cannabis card.

Get MMJ Card Approval

In West Virginia, the authority to approve patients for a medical card is given to certified doctors. Hence, you can consult one to get written certification for the use of cannabis. But remember that you must be diagnosed with one of the qualified medical conditions. The doctor will evaluate your condition prior to giving you the written certification. It will be used to apply for the weed.

Gather Documents

After receiving approval for the use of medical marijuana, you must gather the required documents. You need to show proof of West Virginia residence, State ID, or any other legal proof. If you are a minor applicant, you need a caregiver to get weed for health purposes. So, you also need to prepare documents for the caregiver application.

Apply Online

The next step on how to get a medical card in West Virginia is to apply online. You should submit the application along with supporting documents to the WV Department of Health and Human Resources. The fee for medical marijuana card is 50 dollars and you can pay it online as well. Once your application is obtained, you will be added to the patient registry and will be issued medical marijuana card.

Access To Dispensary

After obtaining your card, you must access the nearest medical marijuana dispensary. In the state-certified dispensary, you will be able to find a variety of cannabis products. You can check edibles, CBD-infused gummies, oils, creams, etc. Keep in mind that you must pick the products as per the permitted dose for the month.

Renew The Card

This is an additional tip in the context of medical marijuana ID in The Mountain State. You will receive the medical marijuana card with one-year validity. After that, you will have to renew the card by repeating the same procedure. Hence, it will help you to keep the health advantage of cannabis to your health.

Don’t Break The Rules

It is advisable to follow the medical marijuana laws in West Virginia. You cannot surpass the rules even as a legal holder of a cannabis card. It is not important only to know how to get a medical marijuanas card in WV. But it is more important to follow the rules and regulations. So, do not try to attempt illegal ways to acquire weed for medical use. Always get it from the registered dispensary within prescribed limits. In case of getting weed from illegal means, you could be fined 1000 dollars. You may also get six months imprisonment in case of breaking the law.

Get Legal Protection

The WV medical marijuana card will provide you with legal protection from law enforcement. It will designate you as an authorized user of cannabis for medical purposes. So, you must hold your card along with while carrying and transporting the weed. Also, remember that you cannot grow weed at home and on any other premises. Home cultivation of marijuana is strictly prohibited in West Virginia. Only a few companies have licenses to grow it for commercial use.

To Sum Up

The post has full information on how to get a medical card in West Virginia. Therefore, you will not make a mistake while applying for the card by following this information. Using weed is beneficial for health as a natural remedy. So, you can get it from legalized sources only by becoming an approved holder and user. You must get access to a monthly dose of medical cannabis after consulting your physician.

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