7 Ways to Get Your Videos Recommended by YouTube

Once you’ve analyzed your competitors’ videos, list down topics you want to go after — these can also act as your titles when you take the video live. More importantly, you must watch the top relevant videos for your search query to pinpoint any content gaps that you can fill in your video — but we will circle back to that in the next section. More than 500 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute. However, it’s just 10% of the most viewed YouTube videos that draw in 79% of all views. Share your video where you have a social media audience.

Including hashtags with your video will attract viewers searching for related content. Hashtags on YouTube function similarly to hashtags on other platforms, and are a great way to reel in new viewers. After your YouTube channel has been fully optimized for SEO, it’s important to stay active by monitoring each video you post. Videos can be optimized for SEO just as much as your channel is, if not more. Read more about buy youtube views here. Each video will have opportunities via its titles, descriptions, and the content of the video itself.

Reach out to audiences outside of YouTube to build a community around your channel. Find ways to incorporate videos into your blog, email newsletter, and other social media accounts. Optimizing your YouTube videos and channel has become even more important today. There are more and more content on YouTube today, which means there’s a tonne more competition in the space.

Highlighting your video within the first 4 days of uploading is critical to be featured as trending. Fix up your frequency based on your video production budgets but make sure you follow your timelines consistently. On that note, it’s safe to say that consistency matters in getting more views to your entire channel rather than just one video. When a viewer lands on an appealing video, they’re more likely to check out more videos from that channel — a.k.a. long-term viewership. Now then, what to do in gaming when you’re older like us?

Try these viral make-up hacks for your audience and let them know what works and what doesn’t. There are some things that you just have to have in your wardrobe – like an LBD. Create a wardrobe essentials videothat talks about what you should have in your wardrobe and where you can buy it from. Take your audience along with you to global fashion events through a vlogor BTS video. Show your audience how to recreate their favourite celebrities’ outfitsand makeup looks.

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