7 Tips to Improve Your Custom CBD Packaging Boxes

If you are selling CBD products, the packaging is one of the most critical aspects of your brand. Your boxes need to be attractive and user-friendly. But what should you include in the box? And how do you make sure that your product is protected from damage during shipping? Custom packaging is the answer to all such questions.

Custom product boxes bestow the users with a lot of benefits. However, you must ensure you are manufacturing a competitive solution in this respect. The following keys will help you to get the best CBD packaging solution.

Keep It Simple

You want to keep your packaging simple but not too simple. This can be hard to do when selling your products to different people, as every customer may have other interests and expectations regarding a particular product. But if you can get the basics down, a consistent design, color scheme, and font, you will be able to create an overall look for your brand that will help set it apart from other companies offerings on the market.

For example, if one of your boxes has “CBD” printed on it in black letters against a white background, use a similar letter style throughout all future packaging designs so that customers know what they are purchasing when they see them sitting at home or outside.

Use Implied Details and Visuals

Remember, the most important thing about your packaging is that it conveys clearly to the consumer what you are trying to say about your product.

If you have already used a simple font and have a high-quality photo of your CBD products, then there is no reason not to use those elements again. But if you want something more unique or personalized, consider using images and graphics instead.

Be Creative in Colour, Size, And Style

As a CBD packaging boxes manufacturer, you must create a unique and memorable packaging experience for your customers. To do this, you must think outside the box and be creative with your color choices.

  • Bold colors are best for highlighting essential features on products or promotional materials such as labels.
  • A combination of colors can help convey different messages within one package. For example, red and blue could mean energy or safety; purple and green might refer to healing qualities in your products; yellow and orange might indicate taste or smell, etc.
  • Single-color designs work well when used sparingly throughout an entire box design. This way, customers will associate those specific shades with just one item instead of having multiple things that look similar but aren’t necessarily connected by any other elements involved in creating them.

Use A Combination of Imagery, Graphic Design, And Typography

Use A Variety of Fonts

A combination of fonts will help you communicate your brand in the best way possible. For example, if you are selling CBD products for pain relief, using bold fonts may have more impact on the eye and give off a more serious tone.

Use Visuals That Are Relevant to Your Product

Images can be used in various ways depending on what they represent. For example, if you sell supplements for brain health, having an idea of someone taking notes while reading is appropriate because this person needs information quickly. However, it may not work well if there is not enough contrast between their face (which could be distracting) and their paper where they are writing down notes.

Get A Prototype First

Make sure you get a sample of the printing material and box and samples of packages with assembly attached and shipping packaging, i.e., if you want to print on both sides.

If there is anything else involved in producing your product, like custom folding cartons or shrink wrapping it for delivery, then ask for that too.

Consider The Compatibility of The Product With The Box

Once you have decided what kind of packaging you want to use, the next step is to ensure that it will fit your product. The size and shape of your CBD oil should match up with the box you choose. If they don’t, your product may get damaged during shipment and be rejected by customs.

Check out all three dimensions, such as height (the top of each bottle), width (the sides), and length (the bottom). These measurements should be close enough so that no matter how many products go into one box as long as there is enough room for them all without any gaps between them, either vertically or horizontally.

Use Different Colour Combinations

You can use colors that contrast nicely with the colors of your products or brand name. This is a great way to ensure that people can tell what is inside your box, no matter where they are.

For example, if you have an orange product and want it packaged in an orange box, use orange for the background and add some black text. In this way, people can easily see what is inside instead of being confused by too much contrast between white text on top versus something else at the bottom level.


The most important thing about any kind of packaging is that it must protect your product, but this does not mean all packages are equal regarding safety and effectiveness. You should consider using hemp or cardboard paper (which can last longer) over other types of writing because they are more robust, more durable, and less expensive than other materials.

When you are creating your custom CBD packaging boxes, there are several different options that you can choose from. It is essential to stay on top of the latest packaging trends and use the best materials for your products. Remember that each type of business needs its style, so you must create a unique design to represent your brand. Check custom CBD packaging at cbdboxesnow.com/.

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