5 tips for bringing light into the attic

Simple guest room, office intended for teleworking, parental suite or apartment: the attic allows many arrangements. To take advantage of this space full of charm, it is however essential to bring in the light. Here are some tips for having a brighter space.

1 – Create openings

Roof windows and skylights are essential elements to take advantage of maximum light, and it is advisable to anticipate and provide for them when fitting out your attic.

Skylights are the most common option. To have more brightness, you can align them, in order to create an XXL opening, in a beautiful glass roof spirit.

Depending on the configuration of your attic, we prefer the corner window, which opens both in front and on the roof.

The smart alternative is the balcony window: as its name suggests, it unfolds when you open it to turn into a real mini-balcony. Not only does it provide you with beautiful light, but it also allows you to make the most of the view from your attic.

2 – Open space

Bringing light into the attic is good… provided it can circulate there! To enjoy a space where life is good, we do not hesitate to break down the partitions.

The glass roof remains the most effective solution for insulating a space under the attic while letting in natural light.

To structure the space without dividing it up, we don’t hesitate to play with materials and colors. In this parental suite, we have associated a parquet floor with tiling, which creates a fluid demarcation between the bedroom and the bathroom.

In order to arrange your attic in a rational way without having to close the space, take advantage of the existing elements, starting with the frame. Wood has the particularity of warming up the decor. However, be careful with essences that are too dark, which darken the room. If possible, favor a clear species, or repaint the beams and the frame in white.

3 – Opt for light colors

Of course, the choice of colors plays a big role in enjoying a bright attic. To bring light under the roofs, we therefore prioritize a light palette.

White is the color that best reflects light. It is therefore your best ally to boost the brightness in the attic. However, care is taken to warm up the decor by focusing on wood. And because nothing is too cozy, we don’t hesitate to combine parquet and rugs – again favoring light shades.

Reconcile softness and luminosity? Nothing could be simpler: just combine white with a touch of bright neutral. We particularly love the ecru color, which we introduce by playing with the decor, and more specifically textiles. But you may prefer greige or rosy beige.

The charm of the attic is the stone wall. Beware of muted shades, which have the particularity of not reflecting light. We therefore prefer light shades, even slightly golden. In the absence of natural stone, opt for facing bricks, which are easy to implement.

Panoramic wallpaper is ideal for visually enlarging the space: it is therefore quite appropriate in the attic. This is an opportunity to introduce a touch of color. Bet on pastels, in order to keep a maximum of brightness.

4 – Choose the furniture well

This is a detail that is too often overlooked and yet crucial: in order for the light to circulate in the attic, it is essential to choose the furniture carefully. Check for more.

“Less is more” – to bring light into the attic, avoid overloading the space by multiplying decorative elements and furniture. That’s good: minimalism is trendy! But be careful: if we limit the number of pieces of furniture, we choose ultra-comfortable pieces, with a strong style.

To boost the brightness, preferably choose furniture and decorative accessories with reflective surfaces. In the kitchen, we particularly like stainless steel and lacquered facades.

To ensure that the light circulates smoothly, pay particular attention to the design of your furniture. Bet on fairly low furniture, preferring light colors for massive pieces, such as the sofa or the bed. Reserve the darker shades for small rooms – mirror, coffee table or side table, which will bring a dynamic graphic touch without compromising the brightness.

5 – Work on light

The simple fact of bringing light into the attic is not always enough to guarantee you a very bright space. But you can cheat a little to boost it!

At first glance, the reflector looks like a simple mirror. However, it has to be much lighter and therefore easy to install on the edge of the window. The trick is old, since it was already used in Antiquity: it is nonetheless very effective in propelling more light into the attic!

To compensate for any lack of light, it is essential to use artificial light. We therefore make sure to equip the attic with many lights.

Recessed spotlights are a functional solution, but they lack a bit of flexibility. As for collecting floor lamps and table lamps… this can quickly take up space! The trick is to bet on a long light garland, which you can perfectly adapt to your attic. Fall for the guinguette garland: not only is it stunning, but it produces functional lighting.

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