5 Things to Keep in Mind When Creating an Outdoor Kitchen

There are many ways to create an outdoor kitchen than just buying a grill and a set of patio upholstery. This can be your entertaining space that not improves home value, but also provides a better chance to gather friends and special ones. Excited to create an outdoor kitchen?

Materials matter in this space more than they do indoors, as they need to withstand wind, sun, rain, and anything else. It is great to work with an outdoor kitchens contractor in Arlington or elsewhere to take extra care of kitchen layout, lighting, seating, countertops, and appliances.

Here’s what you should keep in mind when designing an outdoor kitchen.

  1. Protection Against Elements

The best outdoor kitchens are those which can be used throughout the year, not just only when weather corporates. Whatever the climate, an overhead covering like an awning can keep harmful sun rays at bay and give an additional layer of protection from rains.

If wind causes a problem for you, make a barrier with tall bushes. If temperatures are cooler, pick wall-mounted or umbrella heaters. Ceiling fans can do wonders in offering heat relief and keeping mosquitoes away.

  • Right Materials

Durable and impact-resistant materials are crucial for outdoor kitchens. Choose materials that can withstand temperature fluctuations without cracking or wrapping. Go for a highly scratch-resistant and non-porous design that is easy to clean and maintain. 

  • Good Lighting

Proper lighting is essential for an outdoor kitchen, otherwise, it will be dark when the sun goes down. So, you will need to add task lighting above the preparation and cooking zones. Candles on a countertop or table also add a sense of aesthetics. Another option is solar-powered tea lights that can automatically turn on when it gets dark.

  • Suitable Appliances

With a plethora of fancy pizza ovens, grills, and smokers available in the market, it can be overwhelming to decide on the right appliances. But consider the factors like how you cook and what will be most useful – if you’ve never baked a pie inside, are you really going to invest in a wood-burning oven for outside? 

If you’re fond of signature cocktails, make a room for a mini-refrigerator and icemaker. If you need a space to boil shrimp and grill burger patties simultaneously, you will need more burners.

  • Practical Layout

How much space you’ve will determine the layout of an outdoor kitchen. L-shaped kitchens with bars are great for large patios where you can plan entertainment while one or two cabinets with a grill can be functional in smaller spaces.

Plan well for utilities like electricity, gas, and water. A typical kitchen has four areas – hot for cooking, wet for the sink, dry for prep, and cold for refrigeration. But if you have limited space, create an outdoor cooking space in proximity to an indoor kitchen for convenient access.


Backyard fun time completes with friends and family, juicy watermelon, and delicious burgers fresh off the grill. Whether you wish to entertain regularly or love having outside family dinner, building an outdoor kitchen is worth every penny. It can be designed in all spaces, sizes, and designs, and when done successfully, it can serve as a great extension to your home, where everyone can gather and create good memories.

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