5 Easy Steps to Learning Classic Solitaire

Solitaire is an interesting card game. People had been playing this game for a long time.  However, it is not easy to win Solitaire even though it has an 80% winning rate. The main reason is Solitaire has some specific rules that players should follow to win it. 

There are many variations of Solitaire including Spider, Klondike, Freecell, and others. All these variations have different rules and playing formats. But all of them are easy to learn and have a high winning rate.

If you want to learn classic solitaire then you will love this article. This is because here we will discuss the 5 easy steps that will help you to learn Classic Solitaire. 

So, let’s begin the discussion. 

Basics of Classic Solitaire

Classic Solitaire is a solo game. It uses one deck with 52 cards. These cards are divided into 2 colors and 4 suits. The main objective of the game is to set up the deck of cards into a sequence from the lowest to the highest order. 

The arrangement starts with the Ace and ends with a King. The game of classic solitaire ends when the player arranges the 4 card piles. The deck is distributed in the form of a diagonal tableau.  

There are 7 card piles in the Tableau and each pile contains the cards according to their number. For Example, the 1st pile has only 1 card face up. The second pile has 2 cards: one face up and the other face down. The arrangement continues till the 7 pile.

All the cards of 2 to 7 piles are hidden except the last card. The player starts the game from these revealed cards and makes up the sequences.

Now let’s see how you can learn the classic solitaire in some steps.

5 Easy Steps to Learn Classic Solitaire

Here are the easy steps to learning classic solitaire. Have a look at them. 

  • Study and observe the Tableau area properly. If you see an Ace card, immediately place it in the Foundation. You can also use the Ace card to reveal a card from the Tableau area. But always keep it in the Foundation area
  • Arrange the cards of the Tableau area in descending order with alternate colors. It means if the first card is black then the next lowest order card must be red and vice versa. Also, you can place a black card under a black card 
  • You must turn over the face-down cards found at the bottom of a pile. It is possible to move cards on Tableau from one pile to another according to basic rules. You can begin the new row by moving a King card  
  • If in case you can not move any exposed cards, you can use the cards from the Stockpile. There are 24 items in the Stockpile and they are used to complete the sequences
  • The player wins the game by making 4 card piles in the sequence. You can place arranged cards in the Foundation section after Ace. But if you do not want to then leave the arranged piles in the Tableau and the game will end

Tips to Win Classic Solitaire

Here are some simple tips that you can use to win most solitaire games easily. So have a look at them.

  • Start with the largest pile to reveal hidden cards
  • Place the Ace cards in the Foundation area
  • Fill the blank cells with a King card as the sequence starts with King and ends with Ace or 2
  • Take some time to move the right cards into the right pile
  • Do not overuse the Undo Option or Shuffle option

Wrapping It All Up!!!

If you are new to Classic Solitaire then use the learning steps that we have mentioned above. They are easy to understand and you can play the game as a professional. Also, by following the tips you can enhance the winning probability.

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