18 Easy and Free Ways to Get More Views on YouTube in 2022

Whether someone discovers your channel first or comes in through a video, it is important to hook them from the very first sight. A featured video catches the attention of a browsing user and can play a major role in getting him interested in what your channel has to offer. You can also strategically edit your videos to ensure that there is constant engagement and the viewer is not looking at the same screen for long minutes. You can add jump cuts, which is a video transition between two shots in the same position, or a transition to shots that are related to your video to make it more interesting. If you have your audience’s nod of approval, you’ve made them an engaged viewer. Knowing your community and the audience you’re creating for, their needs, struggles, and even their lingo, will help you be more relatable.

This will increase your chances of being recommended in the sidebar on your own videos—which will drive more views. Because I have seen a lot of YouTubers make mistakes on their titles, description, and tag parts or even sometimes forget to add. It’s a bad plan to release the video on YouTube with mistakes. Learn how to implement advanced on-page SEO techniques into your practice, so you can rank higher in search engines and improve user experience.

You can see below, that the keyword I have typed into Google is in bold in the descriptions of the videos that have shown up. This is YouTube’s way of telling me the videos are relevant from the video descriptions. Search engines like YouTube and Google use the same fundamentals in their algorithms for website and video ranking.

Read more about buy youtube subscribers cheap here. But I’d use green, yellow, blue or another on-YouTube color too. That way, your thumbnails still have the whiteboard look and also stand out. The BOGY, Playlist layouts and Using brackets at the end are true ‘cheatsheet’ tips…haven’t heard of any of them before. Found your website in a translated post and thought it would be better to check out the original articles.

They will be useful when the user watches the video with the sound muted and facilitate the reception of deaf people. In addition, they are very important for the positioning of videos on YouTube – the platform’s algorithm likes videos with subtitles, preferably in several languages. The simplest is to place a simple transcription of the text in the video description. Then the user can read the content, but will not be able to watch the material at the same time. However, we can use a simple editor on YouTube and add subtitles to the video directly on the platform.

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