15 LinkedIn Marketing Tips to Grow Your Business

In uncertain times, many businesses are having to get creative in order to keep things afloat. That means shifting physical shopfronts into digital marketplaces and moving events and in-person workshops online via video streaming services. And for those who may find themselves out of work entirely, now could prove a unique opportunity to finally get that side hustle off the ground. An additional benefit is that individual Stories can contain links to your website. This is something you really can’t do on your main Instagram posts, making it one of the only ways to drive your Instagram followers elsewhere.

Hashtags can help you get more traffic, but what you do with your Instagram posts determines if that traffic engages with your account and stays. Many nonprofits’ first instinct is to include hashtags in their posts’ captions. The way I’ve seen nonprofits find success with hashtags is to first learn what hashtags their target audience is already using.

Instead of being ignorant of your mistakes, accept and apologize for the same. Read more about buy followers instagram here. They’ll love to hear that you worked on your mistakes to provide them with better services. Your stories tell them what you stand for, and they display your culture as well as your values. Share successive posts to build excitement and relate the whole story from the beginning to the end.

For example, you can share a before-and-after sequence of how your products work in real life. Whether you’re launching a new denim line or a skin care business, the ability to share several product photos in a single post is perfect for driving interest and, ultimately, selling. Instagram photo posts continue to be the most popular form of content on Instagram, likely because they’re easy to create and edit, and super versatile. By doing this, you’ll be taking a critical look at everything you’ve done on your profile so far, analyzing it, and then decide if it’s still serving the needs of your business.

Other media types are often more engaging than photos when you’re looking at a crowded Instagram feed. Ts powerful targeting options (it’s the same as the Facebook Ads platform) allows you to select with pinpoint precision the people who will see your ads. You can also “boost” your posts to get them more reach instead of going to your Facebook ads manager. Find an influencer that compliments your brand to partner with for a post, marketing campaign or to help boost awareness.

Take the time to curate interesting and visually appealing content. Akash Tripathi, a Content Marketing Strategist at Top Mobile Tech, has 10+ years of experience in blogging and digital marketing. At Top Mobile Tech, he covers various how-to and tips & tricks related to iPhone and more related to technologies.

The best social media marketing platform & link in bio tool. Plus, it’s much easier to create a more balanced feed overall. Engagement rate is the percentage of followers or viewers that engage with your posts.

But followers alone won’t create a successful Instagram account. Your goal needs to be part of a larger plan that connects to your business strategy and social marketing objectives. We recommend using between five and nine hashtags per post.

Single image ads are the standard for Facebook advertising. They are easy to make, offer a clean format for you to promote your brand, and are one of the most effective ad formats. In one Facebook study, a series of photo-only ads outperformed other ad formats in driving unique traffic. Typically, you will want to check in on your Facebook ads at least once a day .

This digital catalog from Volvo showcases their Winter vehicle line, the individual parts with pricing information, and the story behind the car line. This allows for a magazine-like feel to the catalog, which readers will find enjoyable. At Foleon, we produce case studies with clients from various industries to showcase their success using our platform. One of our case studies, with MUFG, explains how we helped them win new readers once they began using our platform to create their digital corporate magazines.

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