15+ Amazing Tips to Get an Instagram Aesthetic Feed and More!

Follow this same logic to promote your t-shirts to an audience in a specific geographic location. When you select the Automatic Target Audience option you let Facebook’s algorithm choose who to show your promoted post to. While you might feel like losing control, Instagram Ads automation can work pretty well. As previously mentioned, Facebook knows a lot about its user base and it will do its best to target the users that are more likely to be interested in your offer. Instagram’s Promote FeatureThis is the most basic option for promoting your t-shirt business. On your Instagram profile, you will see a white button with the Promote label.

UGC builds trust by establishing social proof — the notion that something is desirable because other people like it. According to UGC marketing platform Offerpop,85% of social media users say they trust UGC more than they trust branded content. The best products solve customer pain points and leave a lasting impact. Social networking is the use of internet-based social media platforms to make connections and share various media with friends, family, colleagues, or customers. This seed funding allowed Systrom to start building a team of people to support his venture; the first to join him was 25-year-old Mike Krieger.

Frank Body have almost built their entire Instagram strategy by curating user-generated content and the community hashtag #frankeffect. This has helped them build a community of engaged Instagram followers, as well as create hundreds of loyal brand ambassadors. Read more about buy followers instagram here. The end goal with your posts is to boost audience engagement.

Let’s say somebody follows you because they think you post pretty pictures. They don’t actually care about you, the person behind the account. This is where posting to your stories, especially video vlog-like content, can be really helpful. If you’re unsure, start with a product that’s at least $20 in value. Money – for every post you promote, a bit more cash goes into Instagram’s pocket.

Don’t allocate all your advertising budget to just one ad. Adding a tappable link to your ad allowing you to take your customers directly to your shop. Let your customers (and Instagram’s algorithms) know your business is active. You will be able to be discovered through the Explore Tab and reach a much broader audience. Around 250 million Instagram stories are now seen every single day, surpassing Snapchat, the creator of this format.

But you don’t have to stick to it, of course, as you are able to share your photos in any format. Another excellent way to get more likes and new Instagram followers is to set up an Instagram Business account. They repost Instagram photos from photographers that look like they could be part of a Wes Anderson film.

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